Public Works

The Public Works Department employs over 160 individuals making it the largest department within the City of Joplin. These valuable employees maintain over 433 miles of sanitary sewer mains, 8,150 sewer manholes, 825 lane miles of streets, 100 miles of storm sewer pipes and culverts, 9,000 inlets/catch basins, and over 35 buildings and facilities.  They are responsible for the success for the Joplin Airport, City waste management, infrastructure safety, transportation of our citizens, safe management of our traffic control, and the many events happening throughout the year.  The department and it's employees ensure compliance with the various regulatory agencies such as MDNR, EPA, FTA, etc.

What does the Operations Division do for you?

The Operations Division provides a wide variety of essential public services that are vital to our community and essential in our citizens’ everyday lives.  Some of these services included, but are not limited to: public safety, maintaining and sustaining city streets, alleys and right-of-ways (ROWS), maintaining signage & signals, conducting small construction projects, bridge maintenance, sanitary sewers, public buildings, Airport operations, public transportation, managing special events in the City and solid waste management.  The Operations Divisions are among the first responders during emergencies and disasters and the last to depart the scene in order to restore essential services and ensure the stability of the infrastructure.   It is vital for Public Works Operations to preserve services that directly affect the health, safety, and comfort of this community for this, and future, generations.

What does the Engineering Division do for you?

The Joplin Engineering Division consists of engineers, inspectors, technicians, surveyors, project managers, and administrative support.  The division supervises and manages a variety of professionals responsible for the design and construction for many projects in the City's right-of way.  It is also responsible for utility cut coordination, annual specifications and standards for construction, traffic studies, and private development plan review.


David Hertzberg
​Director of Public Works
602 S. Main St. Joplin, MO 64801
​Ph: (417) 624-0820
Fx: (417) 625-4738
​Business Hours
​Monday - Friday
​8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Dan Johnson
​Assistant Director of Public Works - Engineering
​602 S. Main St. Joplin, MO 64801
​Ph: (417) 624-0820
​Fx: (417) 625-4738

Lynden Lawson
​​Assistant Director of Public Works - Operations
​602 S. Main St. Joplin, MO 64801 ​
​Ph: (417) 624-0820 ​
​Fx: (417) 625-4738