Public Art

Public art is an essential and revealing component of a community’s personality and culture. Look below for a sampling of the public artwork that inhabits Joplin. For photos and information on all 30+ public artworks in Joplin visit the Joplin Public Art Directory

Title: Route 66, Joplin, Missouri (2010)
Artist: Anthony Benton Gude
Location: Joplin City Hall (602 S. Main St.)

The Gude Mural

Title: Joplin at the Turn of the Century, 1896–1906
Artist: Thomas Hart Benton
Location: Joplin City Hall (602 S. Main St.)
The Thomas Hart Benton Mural

Title: Joplin Graffiti Mural (2011)
Artist: Unknown
Previous Location: Around 24th & Main Street (now destroyed, this “pop-up”
mural was created in the aftermath of the 2011 tornado. Public art was an
important and powerful part in the rebuilding process. During rebuilding,
it was demolished in order to make way for more structures in the area.)

The Joplin Graffiti Mural

Title: The Butterfly Effect: Dreams Take Flight (2011)
Lead Muralist: Dave Loewenstein
Location: Northwest Corner of 15th & Main Street
The Butterfly Effect: Dreams Take Flight

Title: Geometrically-Inspired Mural #1 (2013)
Created by: TANK: Public Art
Location: Spiva Center for the Arts (3rd & Wall)


Title: “I Am Joplin” Mural (2013)
Created by: Art Feeds; Photography by Kevin Deems Photography
Location: Orpheum Building at 6th & Main

Title: Downtown Gateway Mural (2014)
Created by: MSSU Art Department and Downtown Joplin Alliance
Date Completed: September 18, 2014
Location: Between A & B Streets on Main

Downtown Gateway Mural.jpg