Prop B Projects

Quarter-Cent Increase for Stormwater Control & Local Parks

Parks Projects – $9,369,900

Improvements to Neighborhood Parks
McKinley New playground $30,000
Mohaska New playground $30,000
Garvin New shelter, new playground, paved parking lot, and renovate the gazebo $60,000
Iron Gates New shelter, new playground, resurface the basketball court, paved entryway, and paved parking $100,000
Roanoke New playground $30,000
McClelland New shelter and paved parking $150,000
Schifferdecker New playground, new shelter, new restroom, and paved parking $220,000
Spiva Repair and upgrade the fountain $20,000
McIndoe Picnic tables, concrete boat ramp, security lighting, and improvements to the roadways, parking, and walkways $200,000
McClelland, Dover & Schifferdecker Parks Pedestrian and bike trails $550,000
Entire park system Landscaping and beautification $150,000
Large Regional Park with an Athletic Complex Soccer fields, ball fields, tennis courts, press box, concessions, parking, and utilities for restrooms and lighting $6,000,000
Ewert & Cunningham Parks Renovate the pools $1,600,000
Memorial Hall Interior renovations to the American Legion room, auditorium, stage, offices, restrooms, dressing rooms, kitchen, lobbies, stairwells, and concession areas $229,000