Joplin Emergency Communications Center

Located in the Donald C. Clark Public Safety building at 303 East Third Street is the Joplin Emergency Communications Center. The center is manned 24/7 by 19 fully certified dispatchers. The center takes anywhere from 140,000 to 189,000 phone calls on an annual basis.

These calls include non-emergency police calls; 9-1-1 calls for police, fire, and medical incidents; and any administration calls that get filtered through the center as well. This does not include the calls for service that are entered into the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system in which officers and firefighters respond.

The center averages about 87,000 to 91,000 calls for service every year.

Consolidated Dispatch

The Communications Center currently dispatches for Joplin Police, Joplin Fire, Duquesne Police, after-hours Missouri Southern State University Campus Security, and Animal Control. The center is also in charge of housing and entering all city warrants issued by the Joplin Municipal Court and all stolen / wanted entries given to them by officers.

Communication Center Changes

Over the course of this past year, the Joplin Emergency Communications Center remained at a steady pace in comparison to 2011. Seven and one half months after the May 22nd tornado, the City of Joplin and all of its various departments/divisions were in full clean-up and rebuild mode. That being said, the Emergency Communications staff experienced some clean-up of its own, including a remodel. The dispatchers assisted by repainting the room, cleaning, moving consoles, and designing a logo unique to the center. The logo was made into a mural and is now displayed on the east wall of the Emergency Communications room. In January 2012, they were able to utilize some grant money to replace old carpeting, and purchase two additional call taker consoles. The center was reconfigured to accommodate the two new consoles, providing future work stations for seven rather than five dispatchers. 
The Joplin Police Department received their Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) accreditation in 2008.

Dispatch Training & Certification
Our dispatchers are fully trained and certified through the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International Standards. When first hired, they are trained during a one week in-house academy, which is followed by approximately 90 days of training at the individual consoles within the center. Each dispatcher must acquire Emergency Medical Dispatch training, CPR certification, Missouri Law Enforcement Systems training, and complete a 40-hour APCO course throughout the training process.

The Joplin Communications Center is comprised of a unique group of individuals who are able to work odd hours, handle stress well, multi-task, answer multiline phones, provide medical care to the public until first responders arrive, and take care of all the public safety personnel in a timely manner. We invite you to come tour our center and see what we’re all about!