Animal Control Services

  1. Animal Abuse

    Access proper care instructions for your dog and/or cat and view the city's animal control code and requirements.

  2. Animal Bite Information

    Learn what to do if you or someone else is bit by an animal or if your pet bites.

  3. Animals Running At Large

    Report loose animals, learn proper control of your own, and help protect your pets and your city.

  4. Animal Traps

    Discover how to obtain a trap or you can contact the department to have traps set or caught animals picked up.

  5. Complaints

    Read how to file a complaint and what information is needed to provide the best response.

  6. Dangerous / Potentially Dangerous Animals

    Browse the code for dangerous animals and discover what actions can be taken upon owners of such animals.

  7. Fees / Permits / Licenses

    View impound and license fees as well as records and permit information.

  8. Lost Animals

    Locate your lost pet with help from the city and the Joplin Humane Society.