Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

Nutrition education provides the latest nutrition information. At times, you will be notified it is time to take a nutrition education class. You may choose to take the class at the WIC clinic or online. If choosing online, follow the directions below.

Online nutrition education available at:Missouri WIC Nutrition classes

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Follow these simple instructions to get started: Siga estas instrucctiones sencillas:

1. Go to 1. Vaya al sitio Web:
2. Create an account and set up your profile. 2. Abra una cuenta y configure su perfil.
3. Choose a lesson from one of the 5 categories. 3. De las 5 categorías, elija una lección.
4. Complete the lesson. 4. Complete la lección.
5. Fill out the survey. 5. Llene la encuesta.
6. Email your certification of completion. 6. Imprima o envié por correo electrónico su certificado de finalización.

1) When class is completed and submitted, WIC receives notification and you are given credit for a nutrition education contact.
2) Return to WIC as indicated in your folder to complete appointment and receive your checks.
3) WIC staff will provide guidance on acceptable online classes to qualify for your nutrition education contact. For example; if you have a child on WIC choose a class from "Children" or "Family" categories.
Additional Nutrition Education Options

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