The Joplin Health Department provides the following services:

Administrative Services

• Planning, directing and coordinating overall departmental services
• Printing birth or death certificate from the Missouri vital records program (Click here for more information on this)

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Animal Control

• Trainings on animal issues
• Impoundment of stray and loose animals,
• Wild animal live trap loan services,
• Enforcement of the City animal control code
• Investigation of animal bites
• Animal quarantine
• Nuisance animal complaint
• Animal abuse and neglect

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Environmental and Epidemiology Services

• Food establishments inspections
• Lodgings inspections
• Tattoo parlors inspections
• Daycare facilities inspections
• Swimming pools inspections
• Food safety trainings
• Communicable diseases surveillance
• TB case management
• Architectural plan reviews for remodels or new facilities
• Mosquito control activities
• Enforcement of the Food Code
• Communicable diseases Investigation
• Complaints for regulated facilities investigation
• Well-water
• Childhood lead poisoning

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Medical Services

• Investigation of communicable diseases
• Training of communicable diseases
• Pregnancy testing
• Tuberculosis (TB) testing
• HIV testing
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) testing
• Childhood immunization
• Adult immunization
• Flu vaccination  
• Enrollment in temporary Medicaid card and MO HealthNet
• Low income pharmacy support

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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

• Breastfeeding support
• Referral to appropriate health agencies
• Nutritious food packages for eligible applicants
• Nutrition education

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Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning

• Review of emergency plans
• Training on emergency preparedness

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