Preparedness Survey

This preparedness survey is being sponsored by the Greater Ozarks chapter of the Red Cross in cooperation with the Joplin/Jasper County Emergency Management Agency. The intention of the survey is to develop vulnerability and preparedness information to inform these organizations in their planning, education and preparedness efforts. The vulnerability of the population is based on a number of demographic characteristics but this vulnerability can be reduced through increased preparedness. The survey portion of the analysis examines household preparedness . We are conducting the analysis at the census tract level in order to better reflect the diversity within the county. Since few people know which census tract they live in we are asking for address information which will be used only to assign that information to the appropriate tract. Once that is accomplished the address will be destroyed and will not be available to outside agencies or organizations.

The survey is also being considered a public education tool since the questions may provide them with some actions they can take to improve their preparedness.

We are currently conducting the survey via both phone and through the online survey available through the link below. We would greatly appreciate your sharing the link below with the residents of Jasper County.

If you have any questions about the project or the survey please feel free to contact me. We look forward to assisting Jasper County and its residents in increasing their preparedness.

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