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Posted on: December 7, 2016

Citizens group launches Vision Joplin 2022; encourages citizens’ participation in project

Today a group of area citizens and community leaders gathered at City Hall in support of Vision Joplin 2022 as it was introduced to the public during a press conference.  Committee member Clifford Wert and Joplin Mayor Mike Seibert spoke about Vision Joplin 2022, offering details and encouraging the public to participate in the process.

“If you live, work and/or play in Joplin, we are asking you to help proactively plan for Joplin’s future,” said Wert. “We are asking ‘What is your vision for Joplin by May of 2022?’ We want to hear from you as this community plan is developed.”

The mission statement of this effort is “To improve and grow Joplin from May 2017 to May 2022”. During preliminary planning of Vision Joplin 2022, six key topic areas for study have been identified. They will be the focus of study and recommendation to the Joplin City Council. This will be accomplished by supporting the citizens’ desire for:

  • Education – a committed focus on literacy readiness
  • Governance – a long-term efficient and effective City. 
  • Healthy Living/Wellness – a healthy place to live.
  • Job Growth – a vibrant economy with a thriving workforce
  • Positive Marketing –community pride and showing Joplin in a positive light
  • Quality of Life – access to cultural and leisure-time activities.

Interested citizens can participate in the effort by utilizing a new web site, established to enable interaction with the community:  

Each team’s initial meeting will be posted on this website, noting the date, time, and location. Citizens can register their participation in one or more of the six teams by using the website.  The individual teams will then set their respective schedule for future gatherings.

“Participation by interested citizens is welcomed,” said Mayor Seibert. “Please don’t be shy because we want to hear from you and have you involved in this process.”

Twenty-three community volunteers have stepped forward to lead this effort - Susan Adams, Brent Baker, Councilman Taylor Brown, Chalise Cooper, Bennie Crossland, Peggy Fuller, Dr. Brad Hodson, David Humphreys, Andrew Jordan, Shelly Kraft, Dr. Alan Marble, Ryan Melton, Kelli Norris, Rob O'Brian, Kelli Perigo, Dr. Norman Ridder, Dan Stanley, Councilman Ryan Stanley, Clive Veri, Scott Vorhees, Clifford Wert, Sam Anselm (ex-officio), and Mayor Mike Seibert (ex-officio).

Team leaders for the key topics are:

  • Education - Dr. Norm Ridder, Dr. Brad Hodson, and Kelli Perigo
  • Governance - Bennie Crossland and Clifford Wert
  • Healthy Living/Wellness - Scott Vorhees and Peggy Fuller
  • Job Growth - Ryan Melton, Brent Baker, and Taylor Brown
  • Positive Marketing - Andrew Jordan and Kelli Norris
  • Quality of Life - Shelly Kraft, Chalise Cooper, and Susan Adams

Simultaneous to this effort, two students from Missouri Southern State University have stepped forward to conduct a numerical study of the City of Joplin in comparison to other markets.  The students are being assisted and mentored by Lindsey Kubicek, CPA, with BKD LLP.

Vision Joplin 2022...