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Posted on: May 10, 2017

Joplin’s annual Recycling & Waste Disposal Guide provides numerous green resources in area

City of Joplin residents recently received the annual issue of “Recycling and Waste Disposal Guide,” in their mailboxes.  This guide provides information on Joplin’s optional curbside recycling service for single-family houses and duplexes along with rules and guidelines for Joplin residential trash service. Other important phone numbers, schedules, pricing, the transfer station bulky-items subsidy program, as well as numerous recycling venues are also listed for various household items.

New to the guide this year is information regarding the safe disposal of needles used to administer medications.  Other names for needles are sharps, syringes and lancets.

The City encourages residents to keep the guide for future reference.  The guide is mailed to every residential postal customer in a citywide mailing, however if you have not received one yet, a guide can be mailed to you by calling 417-624-0820, extension 501. 

Some residents living outside of the Joplin may also receive the guide because some Joplin postal zones incorporate residences both inside and outside city limits.  All the information in the guide, except for Joplin residential trash service, is appropriate for non-residents.

The guide is also posted on the City’s website at .  For more information, contact Mary Anne Phillips, Recycling Coordinator, at 417-624-0820, extension 501.

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