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Posted on: September 14, 2018

Citizens addressing Council have various options during regular meetings

At the top of City Council meetings, City Council members welcome citizens who have indicated they would like to address them regarding an issue. To help with this process, City Council developed protocols to follow, which vary depending on the topic, whether it appears on the meeting agenda, and the time the request is filed with the City Clerk. Council will be shifting to these guidelines to increase efficiency and relevance in discussions of items on the agenda.

Persons wishing to address the City Council regarding an item not on the City Council meeting agenda should complete the Request to Address Joplin City Council form and submit it to the City Clerk prior to the start of the City Council meeting, which is 6 p.m. on the first and third Monday of each month.

The person’s request will appear under the “Citizens Requests and Petitions” section of the posted agenda if the form is received by the City Clerk prior to 12 noon on the Thursday preceding the scheduled council meeting. If the request is received after the noon deadline, it will not appear on the written agenda. The request will then be heard under New Business on the agenda. This is part of the protocol outlined in the “Rules and Regulations to Govern the Transactions of Business by the Council of the City of Joplin”, originally adopted in 1954 and amended as needed throughout the years.

If a citizen would like to address the City Council regarding an item on the agenda that is not listed under the Public Hearing section, they should complete a request to address the City Council and submit it to the City Clerk before the item is introduced at the meeting. They will then have five minutes to talk to the subject immediately prior to the item being introduced to Council. If listed under Public Hearings, items are introduced and then the Mayor opens a public hearing regarding the topic, which provides an opportunity for citizens to address the item without having to complete  a form.

The Request to Address Joplin City Council form is available in the City Clerk’s office on the second floor of City Hall or can be found on the City’s website at  Barb Gollhofer, City Clerk, sits on the left side of the dais and will have this form available at the meeting.

All persons speaking to Council are given five minutes to make their comments. Council may ask them questions, and this time is not accounted for within the five-minute time period.

For questions about these protocols, or other City Council matters, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 417-624-0820, ext. 220.




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