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Boards & Commissions
_Application for Boards & Commissions
Online form for submission to participate in the City's Boards & Commissions **NOTE** All applicants must be a registered voter of the state of Missouri

A General Public Meeting
Peruse information about meeting times and agendas.

ADA Accessibility Committee
To advise the City of Joplin on compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Airport Board
Acts in advisory capacity regarding operations; makes budget recommendations to the City Council; assists in planning of airport programs.

Board of Adjustment
A quasi-judicial board that grants variances from the strict letter of the law as written in the Zoning Code, Subdivision Regulations, Historic Preservation Ordinance, Sign Code, Mobile Home Code, and Flood Plain Management Code; decides appeals to the decisions of the chief building official or city planner.

Board of Health
Acts as an advisory board to the city manager, director health, and the council on all matters pertaining to public health and sanitation. Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by law or by ordinance.

Building Board of Appeals
Considers variances to the Building Code pertaining to specific construction practices and conducts “finding of fact” hearings as required under the Dangerous Building Ordinance relating to condemnation of dangerous structures.

Capital Improvements Oversight Sales Tax Team
Reviews and provides capital improvement oversights.

City Tree Board
Promotes and protects the public health, safety, and general welfare by providing for the regulation of the planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs and other plants within the City of Joplin, Missouri. Manages Joplin’s community forest in a strong, healthy condition for today and the future of Joplin, Missouri.

Conventions & Visitors Advisory Board
Promotes tourism, conventions, and other related activities.

Design Review Standards Commissions
Performs evaluation and recommendation for approval of renovation of building facades.

Historic Preservation Commission
Provides a vehicle for the preservation of historical buildings and sites within the city. Provides technical assistance to citizens restoring historic or architecturally significant structures. Renders decisions regarding the renovation, rehabilitation, or demolition of designated structures.

Housing Authority
Administration of 275 dwelling units owned by the Housing Authority and the provisions of 532 vouchers for rental subsidies to privately owned properties.

Industrial Development Authority of Joplin
Discover information about the committee members and meeting times.

Joplin Re-Development Corporation (353 Comm.)
It's goal is to reduce blight and promote economic redevelopment.

Joplin Sports Authority
Promotes economic development through recreational sports events.

Library Board
Its goals are to appoint a director, control expenditures of library funds, supervise care and custody of library, and determine rules and policies of library.

Parks & Recreation Board
Advisory board for the Parks and Recreation Department, which administers year-round recreational programs and maintains 23 different park and land locations constituting 1,000 acres of public use.

Personnel Board
Advises the council and personnel director on problems concerning personnel administration. Investigates personnel administration and reports annually to the City Council. Approves merit system rules. Hears and determines appeals from action resulting in dismissal, demotion, suspension, or layoff. Performs other duties as assigned by the council.

Planning & Zoning Commission
A fact-finding board that recommends to the City Council the approval or denial of zoning requests and plats; the purchase or sale of public land; requests for vacations of streets, alleys or easements; and the development of Comprehensive Development Plans and Capital Improvement Programs.

Police & Firemen's Pension Board
Regulates and authorizes pension payments and reimbursements. Approves investments and monitors growth. Recommends changes to the voting members should they become necessary.

Solid Waste Advisory Commission
Confers and advises the council and the administration on all matters concerning procedures or practices that involve the collection, storage, and disposal of solid waste generated within the city limits of Joplin.

Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Commission
Reviews applications for Tax Increment Financing projects.

Traffic Commission
Makes recommendations to the City Council regarding traffic matters, such as speed limits, placement of traffic signals, parking or removal of parking along city streets, traffic flow on city streets, and placement of stop signs.