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Robbery Prevention
Tips to Prevent Robbery at Your Business
Robbery doesn't occur as often as other crimes against businesses, but the potential for loss can be much greater from a single incident. Also, robbery involves force or threat of force and can result in serious injury or death.
  • Greet every person who enters the business in a friendly manner. Personal contact can discourage a would-be criminal.
  • If you or your employees are confronted by a robber, cooperate. Merchandise and cash can always be replaced - people can't.
  • Keep small amounts of cash in the register to reduce losses. Use a drop safe into which large bills and excess cash are dropped by employees and cannot be retrieved by them. Post signs alerting would-be robbers of this procedure.
  • Keep windows clear of displays or signs and make sure your business is well-lighted. Check the layout of your store; eliminate any blind spots that may hide a robbery in progress.
  • Make bank deposits often and during business hours. Don't establish a pattern; take different routes at different times during the day. Ask a police officer to escort you to the bank whenever possible.
  • Make sure your address is visible so emergency vehicles can easily find your business.
  • Place cash registers in the front section of the store. This increases the chances of someone spotting a robbery in progress and reporting it to the police.
  • Provide information about your security system to employees only on a "need-to-know" basis. Instruct your employees to report any suspicious activity or person immediately and write down the information for future reference.