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CDBG-Disaster Recovery Grant Awarded Funds

CDBG-DR Projects
List of HUD Funded CDBG-DR Project and Descriptions

2015 CDBG-DR Capital Planning Process
In early January 2015, the City of Joplin began an intensive project development and mapping process with community stakeholders to advance a series of priority CDBG-DR funded projects for City Council review. On July 6, 2015, the Joplin City Council adopted a suite of projects to advance as outlined below.

CDBG Approved Projects List - City Council, July 6, 2015
     1) CDBG DR Approved Projects

CDBG Projects Plan Presentation - City Council, June 11, 2015
    1) CDBG DR Intro and Proposed Projects

$45M CDBG-DR1 Award 

    1) Action Plans 
         CDBG Disaster Recovery Initial Action Plan  

    2) Action Plan Amendments
         Round I Minor Amendment - Land Assemblage
         Round I Amendment I - Relocation FEMA Temporary Housing Units
         Round I Amendment II - Joplin Housing Authority, Rental Assistance and Repairs
         Round I Amendment III - Sr. Housing and Stormwater Improvements
         Round I Amendment IV - Joplin Homebuyer Assistance Program (JHAP)
         Round I Amendment V - JHAP and Crossroads Industrial Phase I
         Round I Minor Amendment VI - Crossroads Phase I
         Round I Amend VII - Sr. Citizen Center, Crosslines, Economic Development (PHII)

    3) Performance Reports
         Oct-Dec 2012
         Jan-Mar 2013
         Apr-Jun 2013
         Jul-Sep 2013
Oct-Dec 2013
         Jan-Mar 2014
Apr-Jun 2014
         July-Sept 2014
         Oct-Dec 2014
         Jan-Mar 2015
         Apr-Jun 2015
         Jul-Sep 2015
         Oct-Dec 2015
         Jan-Mar 2016
         Apr-Jun 2016

    4) Citizen Participation Requirements 

    5) Activity/Program Information

Joplin Homebuyer's Assistance Program (J-HAP) Updated 6/17/2014

         J-HAP FAQ'S
                 - J-HAP Programmatic Changes - 5/9/2014
                 - Press Release
                 - J-HAP Agreement
                 - Personal Information Required
                 - J-HAP Closing Guidance

         Existing Homes
- Applicant Flow Chart - Existing Homes
- Environmental Review Map - Existing Homes

         New Construction
- Applicant Flow Chart - Vacant Parcel New Construction

- Environmental Review Map - Vacant Parcel New Construction          J-HAP Boundary - Interactive GIS Mapping Tool

$113M CDBG-DR2 Award 

Joplin Roadmap to the Future:  Phase II Recovery Plan

        (Not exclusive to CDBG-DR funding)

        2014 Housing Study

    1) Action Plans  
           Round II Initial Action Plan
    2) Action Plan Amendments
            Round II Amendment I (Partial Action Pan I) - Joplin Schools Mental Health Program 
            Round II Amendment II (Partial Action Plan I) - Joplin Housing Authority Rental Assistance
           Round II Amendment III (Partial Action Plan I) - Sanitary Sewer
           Round II Amendment IV (Partial Action Plan III) - Crosslines, Early Childhood, Infrastructure
           Round II Amendment V (Minor Amendment) - Infrastructure Budget Adjustment
           Round II Amendment VI (Partial Action Plan II) - Mercy Public Park Budget Adjustment
           Round II Amendment VII (Partial Action Plan III) - ATTC Phase I, Sanitary Sewer, Early Childhood
           Round II Amendment IX (Partial Action Plan V) - Community Clinic, Juvenile Detention Center, Health
           Round II Amendment IX (Minor Amendment) - Planning
           Round II Amendment XI - Public Infrastructure, Crosslines, and Planning
           Round II Amendment XI (Partial Action Plan VI) - Public Infrastructure, Crosslines, and Planning
           Round II Amendment XII - Crosslines Budget
           Round II Amendment XIII (Minor Amendment) - Sanitary Sewer Budget Adjust, School
           Round II Amendment XIV (Minor Amendment)- Planning Budget Adjustment

    3) Performance Reports 
          Jan-Mar 2015
          Apr-Jun 2105
          Jul-Sept 2015
          Oct-Dec 2015
          Jan-Mar 2016
          Apr-Jun 2016

    4) Citizen Participation Requirements 

    5) Activity/Program Information

    6) CDBG-DR Procurement - Joplin CDBG DR Procurement Policy
                            Summary of Awarded CDBG DR Contracts

All recipients of CDBG-DR funding will be subject to monitoring conducted by both the City of Joplin Staff and any administering agents hired by the City of Joplin. The City of Joplin plans to hire a consulting firm with extensive experience in administering CDBG-DR funds which will include a proven monitoring process bases on all applicable regulations. In the case that monitoring is needed before an external firm can be hired, the internal audit function will be applicable to any and all programs included in these Action Plans as deemed necessary by City of Joplin staff.

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