Food Safety

1 in every 6 Americans contract a food borne illness each year, with symptoms ranging from stomach cramps to death.  Our goal is to reduce the transmission of food born illness in Joplin by ensuring safe practices and sanitary conditions in food establishments, educating local food handlers, and empowering citizens to make better choices with regard to food handling.

Food establishments in the City limits of Joplin fall under the jurisdiction of the Joplin Food Code, which can be found at the link below.  Food establishments are inspected on a routine basis to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Joplin Food Code.

Food Handler Training

The Joplin Health Department offers monthly food handler training courses at the Joplin Public Library.  Topics covered in the course include employee hygiene, time and temperature control, cross contamination, and cleaning and sanitizing methods.  Scheduled classes (when available) can be found below.  To sign up, please call (417) 623-6122.

Food Protection Manager Training

The Joplin Health Department recognizes Food Protection Manager Training certificates that are issued by ANSI accredited programs, including the following: