Crime Reports

Crime Reports

How It Works

Click on to access an interactive crime map for Joplin, Missouri. When navigating this map, the user can specify the crime(s) or layers to populate on the map, the date range, and the location(s) to be shown, whether it's an overview of the entire city or a specific address. Additionally, the user can click on individual icons to gather more information on those specific crimes, submit anonymous tips regarding crimes, and/or send the information to a friend. In regards to sex offenders, clicking on the icon will give that offender's name, address, physical descriptors, and photograph.

Crimes Displayed

The incidents that can be populated on the map are as follows: breaking and entering, homicide, robbery, theft, theft of vehicle, theft from vehicle, vehicle recovery, sexual offense, assault, property crime, alarm, arson, death, family offense, kidnapping, missing person, weapons offense, quality of life, traffic, fire, emergency, proactive policing, and sex offenders.


If you have questions or problems when attempting to navigate the map, please contact Crime Analyst Kristen Moore at (417)623-3131 ext. 413 or by email.